APM receives 184,000 in Funds for Pilot Program that will provide services to Undocumented Immigrants.

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Pilot Program slated to assist 2,000 Patients

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Asociación Puertorriqueňos En Marcha (APM), a Latino community and economic development nonprofit,  announced plans to provide services to Philadelphia residents who meet the MA General Eligibility and income requirements but do not meet the MA identity, Social Security, or Citizenship requirements.  The Children’s Services Pilot program will serve adults and families with incomes at or below 133% of federal Income Poverty Guidelines who are unable to meet the MA Identity, Social Security, or Citizenship requirements.

“We are looking forward to providing assistance to the many people who are in dire need of these services, said Jaithra Jayakrishnan, Program Director of Behavioral Health, APM.  It is our duty to create a space for the patients who do not receive this type of help.”

The program will provide assistance with mental health and drug and alcohol counseling, and other types of services provided at the center. APM administrators identify the project as one where patients will experience a manageable screening process for services.  “We will accept almost anything, including any form of ID or utility bill.  We are going to be lenient, said Manuel Delgado, Chief operating Officer, APM. Our priority is take in these patients and provide them with the help they need.”

Philadelphians who wish to make an appointment for screening and participate in the Pilot Program may call at 1-267-296-7200, or visit the center located at 4301 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140.


Below are the Household Income Limits:

Annual Household Income Limits (before taxes)
Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $17,131
2 $23,169
3 $29,207
4 $35,245
5 $41,284
6 $47,322
7 $53,360
8 $59,398


About APM

APM is a Latino based nonprofit serving the community since the 1970’s. APM serves 40,000 Philadelphians annually, operates on a combined budget of more than $65 million, employs 400 multilingual, skilled and dedicated professionals and offers an extensive range of bilingual and culturally sensitive services at 13 sites throughout North Philadelphia and Montgomery County.  Our programs include affordable housing, food security, employment assistance, early childhood education and daycare, foster care and adoption, substance abuse treatment and behavioral health for adults.

About APM



Contact: Emily Cordero, Director of Communications

Asociación Puertorriquenos En Marcha (APM)

1900 N. 9th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Office: 1-267-296-7350

Cell: 1-267-255-7625

Email: Emily.Cordero@apmphila.org

Website: https://apmphila.org

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