Learning opens new doors and creates unbelievable possibilities.

At our Early Childhood Education Centers, we provide the foundation for children’s future academic success, health and well-being to help them thrive for the rest of their lives.

We nurture young learners to become future leaders by promoting cultural, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in our classrooms.

Have questions about how to keep kids safe from COVID-19? We have answers.

Through our Early Childhood Education initiatives, APM has placed 610 three- and four-year-old children in high-quality preschools and many in before- and aftercare centers. Learn more about our high-quality, bilingual learning experiences below.

  • Head Start is a federally funded program that supports children ages three through five with education, health and social services. Families with gross income not exceeding 100% of the federal poverty level are eligible to apply, and the preschool program is free. Offered at our Marshall, Rising Stars, Rivera and Trinidad centers.
  • Pre-K Counts is a half-or full-day pre-kindergarten program for income-eligible families, established and funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Offered at our Marshall and Rising Stars centers.
  • PHL Pre-K Counts is a locally funded quality Pre-K program for three- and four-year-olds. Offered at our Marshall center.
  • Before/After Care is available to current APM students whose parents are unable to drop off or pick them up during regular hours. Subsidies are available through Child Care Works for income-eligible families. Offered at our Marshall and Rising Stars centers.

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Enroll your child in our Early Childhood Education programs TODAY. To discuss the best options for your child, please call 267.296.7357, or complete the form below.

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APM is currently seeking certified early childhood education teachers and assistant teachers.

Head to our Careers page for more information about our open positions.

For parents and adults interested in working in Early Childhood Education, we also host parenting classes and a job training/certification course. Adult programs include:

  • “Raising Safe Kids” Caregiver Training Program. Helps parents and other caregivers understand their child’s developmental stage so that they can visualize and achieve their goals.
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Training Program. Prepares parents and caregivers interested in Early Childhood Education for the CDA exam. Both the 12-credit college program and exam are free for participants. Graduates of the program who work in Early Childhood Education may qualify for a 90% tuition college scholarship. Forty percent of APM CDA participants are employed within three months of program completion.