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APM receives over 1.3 Million in funds for Anti-Violence Program


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Asociación Puertorriqueňos En Marcha (APM), a Latino community and economic development nonprofit, is scheduled to receives $1,335,524 to facilitate the implementation of a sustainable prevention program where highly qualified and trained staff will connect directly with families and individuals.  The goal is to enhance a child’s academic, social and behavioral development, and to create protective community environments. The plan includes the implementation of therapeutic treatments and interventions to lessen the harms of violence exposure and prevention. This new team will engage families in our CUA, Early Childhood Education, and our Two Community School partnerships (Webster and Kensington Health Academy) and grow to cover the 24th and 26th Police Districts in its entirety.  The strategies and approaches proposed support multiple levels of the social ecology with efforts intended to impact individual behaviors and also the relationships, families, school, and communities that are known to influence the risk and protective factors for youth violence.


The funds will support the training cost of a program supervisor, trained licensed therapists, 2 case managers, and 4 connectors.  We strive to achieve the following:

  • Reduction in fatal and non-fatal physical assaults
  • Reduction in violence related injuries among youth
  • Reductions in child abuse and neglect, welfare encounters, and out-of-home placements
  • Reductions in symptoms of PTSD, depression, and behavioral problems
  • Reductions in family conflict
  • Reduction in parental depression and stress
  • Reductions in substance abuse
  • Increases in normative beliefs that violence Is unacceptable
  • Increases in school attendance
  • Increases in cognitive and language development
  • Increases in positive parenting and family engagement practices
  • Increases in nurturing and supportive parent-child interactions

By funding the strategies and approaches we anticipate being able to focus on the risk and protective factors associated with youth violence.



About APM

APM is a Latino based nonprofit serving the community since the 1970’s. APM serves 40,000 Philadelphians annually, operates on a combined budget of more than $65 million, employs 400 multilingual, skilled and dedicated professionals and offers an extensive range of bilingual and culturally sensitive services at 13 sites throughout North Philadelphia and Montgomery County.  Our programs include affordable housing, food security, employment assistance, early childhood education and daycare, foster care and adoption, substance abuse treatment and behavioral health for adults.

About APM



Contact: Emily Cordero, Director of Communications


Asociación Puertorriquenos En Marcha (APM)

1900 N. 9th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Office: 1-267-296-7350

Cell: 1-267-255-7625

Email: Emily.Cordero@apmphila.org

Website: https://apmphila.org


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